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About Us

Currently, 23 billion pairs of shoes are manufactured globally each year using virgin materials, which prove very difficult to recycle due to the complex design and number of different materials used. We aim to create a recycled footwear business that benefits motorsport, race fans and the planet.

Our process

Utilising waste streams such as used motorsport race tyres, outdated race suits, team clothing and manufacturing offcuts, teams can reduce their carbon footprint, keep waste material out of landfill, negate the cost of waste disposal and convert their rubbish into new hot kicks for their fans.

We offer motorsport and sneaker fans a unique opportunity to show their support and get closer to the action than ever before by wearing premium footwear created from materials used by and produced for their favourite teams.

We shred wasted fabric gathered from motorsport teams and motorsport product manufacturers to create recycled mono-material yarns for manufacturing high-quality shoe uppers that can be recycled after use. Our sustainable shoe uppers will be bonded to our 3D printed recycled tyre mid-soles and offered to motorsport teams for them to market to their fans as part of their recycled, sustainable fashion range.

Compound is passionate about motorsport and the new world of responsible, sustainable production. We are driven by the need for smarter, circular design and strive to create a cleaner and greener tomorrow, not only for ourselves, but also for our future generations.

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